Magical Crystal-Grow Unicorn for only £6.99

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Conjure up a magical friend for your little ones with a Magical Crystal-Grow Unicorn
Model unicorn features growable crystalline fur
Simply assemble your mythical friend, stand it in the dish and add the crystal solution
Within a few hours you’ll begin to see brightly-coloured crystals growing on his / her back
Wait a couple of days and enjoy a beautiful unicorn with a fluffy, vibrant crystal mane
Includes full crystal-growing kit with dish, stand, crystal solution and slot-together model
Not suitable for those under 10 – adult supervision recommended at all times
Save 53% on the Magical Crystal-Grow Unicorn at 6.99 pounds instead of 14.99 pounds

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Magical Crystal-Grow Unicorn for only £6.99
Magical Crystal-Grow Unicorn for only £6.99
£6.99 £14.99
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