DIY Disinfectant Spray Bottle for only £16.99

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Keep surfaces clean wherever you go with this DIY Disinfectant Spray Bottle 
Just add salt and water to the bottle to make your own non-toxic and chemical-free disinfectant
The filter at the bottom of the bottle creates electrolysis in the water, turning it into a disinfectant
Allows you to easily disinfect on the go with no mess or fuss
Spray nozzle design dispenses the liquid easily and distributes it evenly on surfaces
Use it at home to clean surfaces or to keep your office desk germ free
Bottle holds up to 80ml of liquid
See full details for product specifications
Save 66% on this DIY Disinfectant Spray Bottle and make your own natural disinfectant

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DIY Disinfectant Spray Bottle for only £16.99
DIY Disinfectant Spray Bottle for only £16.99
£16.99 £49.99
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